Huawei OSN 2500 Optical Transmission Fiber Transceiver SDH PDH

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
OSN 2500
Optical Fibers
No. of Fiber:
OptiX OSN 2500
Dimensions (H x W x D):
472 mm x 447 mm x 295 mm
Switch Capacity:
TDM: 60 Gbit/s (higher order), 20Gbit/s (lower order)
Processing board number:
Interface board number:
MSTP interface:
STM-16/4/1, E1/E3/E4/T1/T3, FE/GE,DDN,IMA/ATM,FEC/EFEC,SAN,Video
WDM interface:
40-channel DWDM/8-channel CWDM
Maximum Power Consumption:
400 W
Power Supply:
110V AC to 220V AC, -48V DC to -60V DC
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
200 Set/Sets per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
standard packing
Product Description

The OSN 2500 works at the 2.5Gbit/s or 622Mbit/s level, inherits all features of the MSTP technology, keeps compatible with traditional SDH and MSTP networks, and integrates the SDH, PDH, DDN, Ethernet, WDM, ATM, IMA, and RPR, ESCON, FICON, FC and DVB-ASI (Digital Video Broadcast-Asynchronous Serial Interface) .

OSN 2500 is used in aggregation layer & access layer, and its service board is compatible with OSN 9560 /7500II /7500 /3500 /2500 /1500. OSN 2500 supports intelligent features, automatic end-to-end service configuration, SLA, traffic engineering, timeslot defragmentation, MESH clock synchronization etc. to enhance network utilization.

The OptiX OSN 2500 intelligent optical transmission system (hereinafter referred to as the OptiX OSN 2500) developed by Huawei is the next-generation intelligent optical transmission equipment.

The OptiX OSN 2500 integrates the following technologies to transmit voice and data services on the same platform with high efficiency:

  • Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH)
  • Plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH)
  • Ethernet
  • RPR(Resilient Packet Ring)
  • Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)
  • Storage area network (SAN)
  • Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)
  • Digital data network (DDN)
  • Automatically switched optical network (ASON)
  • Microwave Technology

The OptiX OSN 2500 subrack has a one-layer structure. The subrack consists of the slot area for processing boards, slot area for interface boards, slot area for the auxiliary interface board, power supply area and fan area.


1. Auxiliary interface area2. Interface board area3. Processing board area
4. Power supply area5. Fan area 

The functions of each subrack area are as follows:

  • Slot area for the auxiliary interface board: This area is used to house the auxiliary interface board, which provides alarm interfaces, orderwire phone interface, management and maintenance interface, and clock interface.
  • Slot area for interface boards: This area is used to house the tributary interface boards and Ethernet interface boards.
  • Slot area for processing boards: This area is used to house the line, tributary and Ethernet processing boards, system auxiliary processing boards and the integrated boards of the cross-connect, timing and SCC units.
  • Fan area: This area is used to house two fan modules, which dissipate the heat generated by the equipment.
  • Power supply area: This area is used to house two PIU boards, which are used to supply power to the equipment.
Usage Scenario



Cost-effective Platform

OSN 9560/7500II/7500/3500/3500 II/2500/1500 service board & software are all compatible, significantly reducing OPEX and spare part cost
Flexible Configuration
OSN 2500 is STM-16/4 compatible, upgradable from 622M to 2.5G
Large Grooming Capability
OSN 2500 has 60G high order and 20G low order cross-connect capability.

The OptiX OSN 2500 provides the following OAM functions at the equipment layer:

  • Alarm and performance management: supports the reporting of alarms and performance events. The user can discover and locate the faults on the equipment and on the network in a timely manner.
  • Laser and optical power management: supports the optical power management at the SDH optical interface and the automatic laser shutdown (ALS) function.
  • Fault locating and equipment maintenance: provides multiple maintenance measures such as PRBS, ETH-OAM, and TCM. The user can monitor, debug, troubleshoot the equipment conveniently.
  • Expansion and upgrade: supports the network expansion through board replacement. Supports the in-service software upgrade by using the simulation package loading, diffusion loading, and hot patch loading methods.

High integration

 Subrack dimensions 472mm (H) x 447mm (W) x 295mm (D), 9 slots for processing boards before division of slots, 12 slots for processing boards and 8 slots for interface boards after division of slots

Flexible networking capacity

 Supports Mesh networking with plug-and-play network nodes

 Supports dynamic increase of rate and capacity

 Supports various networking topologies, including chain, ring, tangent rings, intersecting rings, etc

 Supporting maximum 2 STM-16 four-fiber MSP rings, 4 STM-16 two-fiber MSP rings, 8 STM-4 four-fiber MSP rings, 12 STM-4 two-fiber MSP rings

Carrier-class protection

 Mesh Protection and restoration(ASON)

 Distributed restorable rerouting protection

 5 level service dedicated protection scheme based on different SLA: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron services

 SDH Network Protection

 2/4 fiber MSP Ring; 1+1, 1: n Linear MSP; SNCP/SNCMP/SNCTP; Fiber shared virtual path protection; Fiber shared MSP Ring; DNI (ITU-T G.842)

 Service Protection

 Ethernet: RPR, RSTP


Highly Reliable Design

 1+1 hot backup for system control boards, cross-connect and synchronous timing boards

 1+1 hot backup for power supply modules

 Redundancy protection for fan modules

 TPS protection

 1:n tributary protection for E1/T1/E3/T3/ E4/STM-1(e)/FE

Enterprise-focused Features

 Intelligent ASON based Mesh network can against multi-node failures, improving network reliability by  10 times Single-span  transmission for a distance of 270km without a Raman amplifier,  fewer REGs to reduce  the network construction  cost and  facilitate the  maintenance Single-fiber bidirectional optical  module to solve the problem of a lack  of fiber resources, and built-in WDM to meet the large bandwidth requirements

Industry Certification

 Pass EN 50121-4 Railway EMC certification.

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